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Can I Talk My Shift?

Sam Walker INSPO

The Can I Talk My Shift podcast is hosted by Sam Walker INSPO, a self-published authorprenuer, with co-host Lashawn Gee, a Hall of Fame track athlete turned Discipline and Mindset coach. The two experienced losses at crucial points in their lives, Sam with the tragic death of his mom when he was 15, and Lashawn with her father passing away when she was 19. With no proper grief etiquette to pull from, they now realize how much parental loss, and much more, played a major role in their "emotional mismanagement.”

The objective of their talk-show style of coaching is to demystify, educate, reintroduce, transmute, and face the harsh truths of ideologies surrounding emotional intelligence people pleasing and how to integrate its use into everyday life.

Healing and reading are necessary for every individual, no matter their status, successes, or industry/business they're involved in. The couple's goal is to aid in the healing of our community and get one million people back to the basics of reading one book per month. The SHIFT has begun… start listening now.